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Internet Services For You

Internet Services For You has been providing Internet consulting, coding and promotional services since 1995, the early days of the World Wide Web. We acquired our two primary domain names - and - in Mar. 1997 and Dec. 1997 respectively.

The flexibility and utility of our domain names allow our clients to create short, catchy, memorable Internet addresses to effectively promote and advocate for nearly anything. These addresses forward to our clients' existing email and web services. Often they are forwarded to free services such as Gmail email addresses, Facebook pages, WordPress blogs, etc. We call them 'promo addresses' and they may be redirected whenever, and to wherever our clients choose.

Our primary marketing focus is social media (the new word-of-mouth), along with a generous 2-tier referral bonus program. Any promo address user with a valid PayPal account who chooses to invite someone else receives 25% of the sign-up fee as a cash bonus. If their invitee then refers someone else, the user receives 10% of that sign-up as well.

Upon approval, charity fundraisers, affiliate bloggers and other marketers may partner with us. This provides the opportunity to earn commissions in addition to our normal referral bonuses. These commissions are structured to compensate for the entire overall success of a marketing campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. It is our biggest hope that our acquaintence will prove mutually beneficial.

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