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Big Business needs a promo Address

Although they have many campaigns running at any given time, Popsy Cola regularly creates exciting new Internet-based crusades to target the social networks.

One catchy web address,, always directs participants to the current campaign's landing page on the corporate web site.

Blog Writers and Social Networkers need a promo Address

Due to the proven itenerant nature of all things Internet, the location of the one page that acts as a portal to your diverse digital existence will change from time to time.

John Smith uses Gmail for his email and his address is He also has a blog website at Wordpress,

Using his / promo Address, John can point to his Gmail account, and point to his Wordpress site. Now everybody can remember how to find John Smith.

In the future, John can always make his / promo Address point to whichever email and website he chooses. His contacts continue to use and like always. Marketing and advertising don't need to be changed. Customers and contacts don't all need to be notified. Everybody still knows how to find John Smith.

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