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Referral Program

Any promo Address user can take advantage of our referral program to earn cash!

If you are a blogger, or other online publisher, you may be given an opportunity to try our service free of charge, and review it for your readers.

When your friends and social contacts see your promo Address and learn what it can do, they too will appreciate the special utility of our product! The fact that they can earn money by using their own promo Address and recommending it to others will interest them even further.

Our 25% First Tier and 10% Second Tier signup referral bonuses will make these attractive to other active promoters like yourself, while earning cash for you!

The details are pretty simple. When you refer others, you earn 25% of their signup fee as your commission. When people you referred refer others, you earn 10% of their signup fee as your commission.

That's $5 earned for each $20 signup you send our way! That's $1.50 earned for each $6 signup you send our way! Cash delivered straight into your PayPal account!

Then there's $2 for each of their $20 referrals, and $.60 for each of their $6 referrals! That's more cash delivered into your PayPal account!

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Affiliates Needed!

Are you a writer or publisher of online content with readers who need to hear about our product?

Do you have a huge following on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and would like to share our product with them?

Please complete our Sign Up form and select 'Request Other Arrangement' as your Preferred Billing option.

In the 'Additional Information' box, provide a short introduction, the location of your published content, and how long you will require to provide your review of our product.

We will contact you via email to discuss how we shall proceed.


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