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A promo Address is a uniquely special email address, and a matching website address.

promo Addresses are short, catchy, memorable and flexible.

Today, people and businesses require Internet addresses to communicate, network and conduct business. What does your Internet address say about you?

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Does your current email address promote you? Or are you advertising for America Online (, Google (, or Microsoft (, instead?

Do you have a nice page on, a great blog at, or a big following on Certainly that's a good thing, but is that really the address you want on your business card?

Do you remember the last time you changed your email provider, or when you started spending less time on so you could concentrate more on You try to bring your contacts all with you from Internet address to Internet address, but some are always lost along the way. Some will find you again and some won't.

Your new promo email address will forward to your AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, whichever email provider you currently like the best.

Your new promo website address takes people to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, wherever your best stuff currently lives.

And you'll keep your cool new promo Internet addresses forever because you will always point them wherever you need to, whenever you like!

Yes! Keep utilizing all of the excellent free web and email resources available on today's Internet, but don't be stuck with their average, generic sounding internet addresses on your business cards and other promotional materials.

Our flexible and affordable promo addresses are perfect for your business or personal Internet address needs. If you weren't lucky enough to acquire a catchy, short, memorable and appropriate dot com address while you still could, we have your solution.

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